Leader’s Edge Podcast – Starting a Business During a Time of No Business

In this episode of Falling Into It, we meet Chris Senkbile, founder and CEO of Project Ferro, a client-first insurtech platform that uses data to create a digitally enabled customer experience. Senkbile shares how his job at a large commercial property/casualty brokerage became the impetus for Ferro, which initially launched in the height of the pandemic […]

Spot On Insurance Podcast Episode: 285 with Chris Senkbile

Chris Senkbile is the Founder & CEO of Project Ferro, a commercial policyholder platform founded by brokers for brokers. They offer various products and solutions for brokerages, providers, and policyholders with the goal of improving renewal speeds by up to 75%. Chris began his insurance career in 2014 and has been named as one of […]

Profiles in Risk Podcast

Tony chats with Chris Senkbile, CEO at Ferro. Ferro helps speed up renewals for insurance agents by 75% 🤯! Note for High Ds: Jump to 10:50 where we start talking about insurance. Chris is a broker (to this day) and recognized his customers hated THE PROCESS of insurance, and identified that commercial P&C needed a […]

Team Business Podcast

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, Chris Senkbile joins 🤝Michael Fusco. Chris speaks about all things entrepreneurship and gives listeners great tips on overcoming challenges associated with starting a business. For those tuning in from the insurance industry, learn about how Chris’ company can help deliver a more significant customer experience to your clients! And […]